Goblins and ghosts and monsters….oh my!

I was looking through the articles in the office file cabinet today and as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was perfect for today’s blog post. Typed on a typewriter, with handwritten notes in the margin…this article has clearly been written some time ago but the concepts hold true just the same. It was written in 1990 by Angela Andrews, who’s credentials include Scott School Kindergarten teacher, Adjunct Faculty at National-Louis University, and winner of a Presidential Educator’s Award. Ms. Andrews makes some important points about Halloween from the child’s perspective. The following is a selection from this article. Enjoy!


Children at preschool age are very impressionable, and for many preschoolers, Halloween can be a terrifying time. Although they sometimes behave as though they are excited and enthusiastic, many are silently dreading the holiday. In regard to Halloween and its festivities, we recommend:

~Emphasize to your child that Halloween is a holiday where boys and girls dress up and pretend. Emphasize that there is a boy or girl behind those costumes, just pretending.

~Give your child an out. If he doesn’t seem particularly interested in choosing a costume or talking about Halloween, let it go. Soon they will be able to enjoy the holiday. Right now it may just frighten them.

~Don’t insist that your child wear a costume. Particularly if this is your first child,  your enthusiasm for the holiday might prompt you to purchase or make an elaborate costume for your child. Even when he helps pick it out, your child may decide not to wear it on Halloween. Please understand that perhaps this is the year that they are dress rehearsing for Halloween and perhaps next year they will be able to participate more fully.


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