Play is how young children learn!

“Play is the way the child learns what no one can teach him.

It is the way he explores and orients himself to the natural world of space and time, of things, animals, structures and people….

Play is a child’s work.”

~ L.K. Frank

If you have (or had) a child at Hobson School, you know that we do things a little differently. You know that we understand the value of play. Play is how learning happens for young children. As I write this, I hear the learning going on. Boys in cowboy boots are exploring social dynamics through role playing. Children at the playdough table are wondering how many more pumpkins they need to shape to make a total of ten, beginning to make sense of numbers as a way to solve problems.  At the desk, someone is writing a letter to a friend, exploring the idea that print has meaning. Without an adult being directly involved in transfering information,  it could look as though the children are “just playing”. However, years of research in the field of child development tells us otherwise.  As our director says, “the times may change but child development does not.”

 Here is a good article from I found today, further illustrating play as learning. Enjoy! (JC)


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